Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Max's Favorite Cowl

I made this cowl to actually be worn on humans! But since I had no models, Max gladly accepted to pose!

US 8 / 5.0 mm 16” circular needles
Classic Elite Yarns: Montera

1 skeins = 127.0 yards (116.1m)
Color way 3818

A super easy cowl!!

This is knit in the round…
CO 90 stitches, Join to work in the round without twisting.
Row one = Knit
5-stitch pattern
Rows 2-6 = K5, P5* repeat * until you complete 5 rounds,
Rows 7-11 = P5, K5* repeat *until you complete 5 rounds
Continue in this pattern until you get to almost the end of the skein.
For this cowl I used an entire skein.
Save enough yarn to knit your last row as a CO row.
Make sure you CO loosely!