Monday, July 28, 2008

Knit and Crochet Show Manchester, NH

If you were didn't go to the Knit and Crochet Show at the Raddison you missed the opportunity to purchase great stuff!
I helped out a bit for Jerry and Cyndi with their Yarn and Fiber Company and was overwhelmed by all the wonderful people! We met so many knitters and crocheters from all over, even Australia!

A big plus was meeting Casey and Jessica from RAVELRY!!! No Bob though..... :-(

There were so many boxes and bags I was in yarn heaven!

I want to thank Jerry and Cyndi for a really fun time, Donna for all the laughs, Carin for sharing with me the love of being a "yarn snob" (aren't we all!), Tonia for the great chats and beautiful knits, and Heather for her great yarn!
You can see more pictures on my Flickr account! Just click on the slide show!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Latest WPI

In my last post I mentioned my latest project that I am knitting as I sit on my deck in th 80+ degree weather, a cowl. Why you ask? In the heat of the summer? Well, probably because I am the worlds slowest knitter! I found this pattern one night on Ravelry but here is the link to the actual pattern in case you are still waiting to be hailed to the almighty.

Aibhlinn is the name of the cowl I found on Knitty. (pronounced "ave-leen") This has to be the coolest project I have yet to work on. It looks like a scarf that is wrapped around your neck several times, but is actually knit in the round and slipped over your head!

I chose a beautiful yarn from elsebeth lavold instead of using the yarn the pattern suggested. I bought it in Portsmouth NH at The Yarn Basket.
Green of course! If you haven't used this yarn yet, I highly reccommend it. It IS silky!

Well, Back to work..... Nah, just kidding! Knitting rules!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Knitten' thyme..

One of my favorite herbs is thyme. As I sat on my deck, knitting away at my newest WPI, the warm summer breeze sent me a tease of the tender leaves. Well, I just had to make a tea. Nothing like the present! Making an herbal tea is really very simple. You could run to the nearest Natural Food Store and pick up a box or two of pre-made teas, or if you are lucky enough to dabble in the art of gardening, make your own!
Herbal Tea
The first thing you will want to make herbal tea is a tea pot and a tea ball of some kind, the bigger the better. Then you'll want some herbs. Now you can make tea. No mucking around with tea bags will be necessary. You can make much better tea yourself, out of fresh and dried herbs that you harvest or buy.
Why Not Tea Bags?
The tea you make yourself out of fresh, whole ingredients will have far more taste than the ancient stuff often found in herbal tea bags. Because your ow
n ingredients are not as finely ground, they will be more flavorful. I guarantee that if you try this at home, you will buy a lot fewer tea bags in the future. What Can You Put In Tea?
You can put almost any dried herb from your own garden, local organic food, coop, or natural health store. I get a lot of my herbs that I can't grow in my garden from Misty Meadows in Lee NH. Most stores stock many varieties in bulk . You can try single herb teas or a blend.

The way to use fresh herbs is to snip off leaves or sprigs and add them to your tea pot. If you have space in your house or are lucky enough to have a greenhouse, you can bring potted herbs inside for fresh leaves in the winter. Some herbs I grow are:
Sage Violas Lavender
Mints Chamomile
Rugosa Rose
Rose Scented
Lemon Balm


You can choose herbs for their taste, color, medicinal effect, or nutritional value. Use your nose, imagination, and herb guide to help you choose herbs for different effects.

"Yawn" Tea Recipe (This is my favorite!)

2 tsp chamomile 2 tsp lavender pour boiling water over tea ball into cup- steep for 15 minutes. (I always add a dash of honey) Here's to homemade herbal tea!

The name
thyme (Thymus vulgaris) is derived from a Greek work thymon, meaning "to make a burnt offering." The herb confers tranquillity, peace, and security. It is believed that if a bride wears thyme in her shoe, her groom will forever be true. Thyme's ruling planet is venus and its an element of water. Magical influences: courage, conscious mind , health.

Friday, July 11, 2008


My blog will bring you some great knitting projects and patterns, herbal information and really wonderful recipes! My first post is being created and will be up soon!